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    Do you think of vintage clothes and picture your grandmother in a pair of lavender polyester pants and pink paisley shirt? You're not alone but they are so much more than that. I am obsessed with anything vintage and clothes are no exception. The trick to making an outfit work is to pair something vintage with something modern. 

Vintage coats can be paired with a new scarf!
This cute 50's sweater and skirt has been paired with a starched white button down shirt. The hat was replaced with a bright yellow infinity scarf. 
Each piece has been given an updated style with modern jewelry, scarves and more. Adding a plain white shirt underneath is a cute way to show off the vintage clothes but still keep it fresh.
Ok so this outfit is classic and doesn't need any help. I mean who doesn't want to wear a black and white matching dress and coat from the Fashion capitol of the world...France? and those buttons..swoon! But....I couldn't resist adding a funky scarf!

Be bold, be unique and most of all, have fun!!!