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This new dress and purse look so fun and colorful paired with the vintage necklace and a scarf that doubles as a belt.
    What is your style; modern, contemporary, vintage, antique, Victorian? Why choose? When I find a funky and unique piece of vintage jewelry I always wonder who wore it before me and where did they go? I love pairing old jewelry with new outfits or finding a vintage dress and wearing a new scarf or long tassel necklace with it. There is really only one rule: "There are no rules" I encourage you to mix styles of another era with modern and fresh pieces. You may find a style that is uniquely yours. Above all, take some risks. Don't be afraid to try something new...or old. I wear old rhinestones and pearls with my t-shirts and jeans....

See the entire article in the February issue of The Downtowner:



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